Retail Industry is experiencing Darwinism on steroids

It needs to Reimagine and Reboot for the Next Normal

Progressive Retailers, Innovative Start-ups & Smart Investors have an “Opportunity of a lifetime” to Redefine Retail

We konnekt the dots so that everyone wins

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What we do

Enabling Collaborative Disruption & Collective Enrichment for Progressive Retailers, Innovative Start-ups & Smart Investors

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Global Scaler Platform (GSP) for Start-ups

Retail industry specialist accelerator for B2B Retail-Tech start-ups to scale 10X and more by leveraging our deep retail expertise. Powered by a global ecosystem of industry thought leaders, practitioners, technologists and sales leaders, we offer hands-on approach to strategy execution & revenue expansion in global markets.


Strategy Advisory

Build strong & sustainable global scaling strategy with our deep domain expertise and global Retail-Tech experience


Product Advisory

Achieve your Product Market Fit with a pragmatic product roadmap aligned with Retail business value chain


Contract Advisory

Hands-on guidance for your localization & compliance needs with pricing strategy & contract negotiation support



Leverage our global experience to build a compelling value proposition & crisp articulation of your solution offerings


Sales & GTM

Turbocharge your sales and go-to-market initiatives leveraging our exclusive Retail influencer ecosystem


Venture Fund

Curated investment fund backed by Retail-tech industry leaders to fuel your firm’s growth

Retail Open Innovation (ROI) for Retailers

Channelize the disruptive ideas for delivering human-centered experiences for the retailers, to adapt to the next normal. Our approach is driven by handpicking niche start-up solutions from across the globe and making them comprehensive and contextual to meet the business needs.


Innovation Outpost

Curated, relevant & business value chain-aligned innovative solutions from startup hubs across USA, UK, Nordics, India, Israel and others


Agile Problem to Prototype

Cut down the cycle time of business problem articulation to prototype from months to weeks to days


Exclusive Industry Thinktank

Collaborate and network with industry thought leaders to define Next Normal of retailing

Portfolio Growth (GROW 10X) for Venture Partners

Powering 10X returns for the VCs/Investors by building funnel based on validated business needs and enabling global scaling of the start-ups


Portfolio Curation

Deep industry insights to identify white space and growth segments. Curated set of qualified start-ups and strategic opportunities aligned with your investment thesis


Portfolio Operations

Portfolio scaling with right operational efficiency, cost optimization and GTM governance, enabled by seasoned Retail business and technology leaders to ensure startups avoid costly mistakes in global scaling


Synergy Creation

Connecting the dots with relevant start-up solutions to offer comprehensive business solution, creating exponential value for all the stakeholders

Our Story

As active industry practitioners and lifelong students of Retail, we have witnessed several disruptions and transformation waves in Retail caused by global events, and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly believe in Retail industry’s resiliency and the ability of progressive and visionary retailers to emerge much stronger out of the crisis.

  We also believe in the unique value proposition of Retail-Tech start-up ecosystem in enabling disruptive innovation. Yet many of these start-ups struggle to get the much-needed global scale. Our research and industry experience pointed to the current model of growth accelerators & advisors as one of the inhibitors for the limited start-up scaling.

Most accelerators operate as generalists focusing on technology rather than industry verticals and use a cookie-cutter approach much focused on driving cohort sign-ups and getting customers & investors to show up at the pitch events. This traditional model of accelerator engagements with start-ups adds limited value and cause a lot of heart burn among entrepreneurs as they struggle to scale globally & sustainably. To win in the new world, start-ups need deep industry & market expertise, strong customer & influencer network, and hands-on engagement that goes beyond pitch decks, co-working spaces and cohorts.

  dotkonnekt is built-to-purpose to enable global scaling in a sustainable manner, one progressive start-up at a time. Using our full-stack global scaler & innovation platform, Retail-Tech start-ups scale globally with business value chain aligned solutions. Retailers deliver meaningful open innovation to their business. Venture partners and investors better curate their retail investment portfolios with higher returns.  

We believe in collaborative disruption and collective enrichment. We win when every stakeholder in our ecosystem wins. Our vision is to reimagine Retail for the next decade and we invite you to come and join us in this exciting adventure.

Our value proposition not only alleviates the pain of business transformation but also builds resiliency for future growth


As dotkonnektors, our Ikigai is our shared love for the Retail business. We are a fun-loving team that is passionate about the future of Retail, loves building future-relevant & human-centered business solutions. Staying true to our vision for collaborative disruption and collective enrichment, we operate as a closely-knit ecosystem of Retail industry executives, technologists, thought leaders, market makers, investors, analysts and academia.

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